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Posted on June 26th, 2007 in SFG,SFG photos by Andy

Tomorrow is the 1 month anniversary of starting the square foot garden and it looks like it is doing well. The pictures are in the Square Foot Garden Flickr stream (as usual). I think I may even be able to get some lettuce and some radishes tomorrow and this weekend I’ll probably plant the remaining squares with some more seeds to keep them busy. The corn is now reaching the top of the cage so I’ll have to change the cage size too.

The cage is actually getting to be a pain as it brushes against the plants as I take it up and down to water the plants. And it is going to prevent me putting the rebar and netting up as well as the cage will get in the way.  I can put up a chicken wire fence around the patch to  stop the various ground based critters coming in, but it wouldn’t stop the birds getting into the patch 🙁  I’m not sure of how much a problem this will be though.

I’m surprised how big the Basil has grown and how much greenery there is to the radishes – I really didn’t think there was that much waste to a radish plant!

Small pictures below, click on them to see the large pictures.


Pepper's growing well Garden overview Lettuce Peas

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