How to start composting?

Posted on June 9th, 2007 in compost,SFG,trials and tribulations by Andy

One of the three main ingredients in Mel’s mix is compost. As I didn’t have any, I purchased some from the local garden centre but it would have been nicer to make my own. However, everything I’ve read seems to suggest that you have a 1 cubic metre compost heap at a minimum. My question is how do you start a compost heap? A lot of the documentation online seems to imagine that you already have the ingredients to fill the compost heap half way up – but where do you get this stuff from (or store it?). At the moment I have access to the lawn clippings from the grass and the few food scraps that we have left over and later in the year I will have LOADS of leaves. However, currently the volume of waste doesn’t seem to be sufficient to create a compost heap – so any ideas?

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  1. on June 9th, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    Andy, you can start composting with the smallest amounts of waste. The bigger piles just seem to “cook” a little faster. You can even do worm composting in any cool space of about 4 by 4 feet.

    We use the Garden Gourmet plastic compost bins, here (you can see them on the web site) and they work great.

    They are about 2.5 feet square, so they take up less space than a open compost pile. Before we had these, I took the shipping pallet from a clawfoot tub we installed and used it. This has now broken down itself quite a bit, hence the new plastics composters. With these, you feed the top and then remove the finished compost at the bottom…another major improvement over our old system, where you had to dig down the compost at the bottom.

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